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Our aim is to bring you rare and collectible tins from around the world.  Our collecting interests began in the mid 1980's when we became fascinated with the beauty of early lithography on tins of all types, shapes and sizes.  For many years we focussed on cigarette and tobacco tins which had interesting images and designs and said something about social history at the time.  Like many collectors we began by buying anything we could find that we didnt already have.  Over the years we have gradually changed our focus to concentrate on investment quality tins from the late 1800's and early 1900's that feature highly decorative images.  


A few years ago we discovered the beauty of Japanese gramophone needle tins, many of which have never been seen by collectors or shown in the few reference books on this subject.  We believe this is one of the few, if not the only, undiscovered frontiers for tin collectors.  It is still not widely known what exactly is out there to find and we continue to be amazed what we can source through our dealer/friends/fair networks in Japan.  It is our pleasure to now offer some of these treasures to you via this site and our eBay shop.


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We are still active collectors and most of the tins we sell come from our private collection.  We also buy and will consider trading tins that are of interest to us.


Our small and very selective stock is only offered for sale through our site and as such is not available for inspection prior to purchase. We are more than happy to email you detailed photographs of any tin we offer at your request and offer a money back guarantee if the tin is in anyway not as described. All of our tins are carefully selected for their design, condition and investment potential and as such we would be more than pleased to buy them back at any time in the future.   We are also happy to use our knowledge and networks of collectors around the world to assist you in gaining the best possible sale price for any tin you wish to sell or find those tins on your wish list.  We are happy to share our knowledge and opinions with you on your own tins and collections at any time.

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