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NAPOLEON Gramophone Needle Tin

Artikelnummer: Y1501
Nicht verfügbar
  • The NAPOLEON gramophone company of Japan made both players and needles.  The Napoleon brand of needles ran for many years and there  are many different versions of this famous tin.  This one is one of the early versions.  It has a flat lid (the earliest ones are curved) and embossed rear.  This one was made for use in the domestic Japanese market for K.K. DAICHIKU company.  This tin is about as good as you will find with the top being almost perfect.   Take a good look at the photos and if you are looking for quality tins, this is for you.  See my shop for some other great Napoleon tins and see my Collection Gallery to see some of the other Napoleon variants that were made.

    It measures 61 mm wide, 34 mm high and 8 mm deep.

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