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TEITIKU Gramophone Needle Case (PLASTIC)

Artikelnummer: Y3068
Nicht verfügbar
  • This TEICHIKU gramophone needle is made of plastic.  Lucky to have survived all these years, these cases are much more fragile than needle tins.  This was was particularly special in that it contained ORE needles.   These needles were small hollow metal tubes with hand blown glass tips and the needles alone are now very sought after.  This case is empty.  It was made for the local Japanese market.  The image is that of a statue which can be seen today in the gardens surrounding Tokyo’s Imperial Palace. Kusunoki Masashige was a great samurai warrior who fought for Japan’s Emperor in the early 14 century. He is depicted riding horseback on a rearing horse, likely in tribute to his leadership of one of many great samurai battles he fought for Japan’s Emperor. 


    It measures 60mm (w) x 39mm (h) x 10mm (d).

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