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The dimensions of this tin are: 6 cm (w) 3.5 cm (h) 1 cm (d).

HAPPY Gramophone Needle Tin

SKU: Y1422
  • This lovely and rare HAPPY brand gramophone needle tin from Japan features Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop and Felix The Cat.  This actually helps date the tin to the early 1930's which is when all three of these characters first co-existed.  It may well be the only tin from that era that shows all three characters together.  I doubt it was licensed by Disney and there are no markings on it to show the images were copyright at the time.  The tin is in very nice condition as can be seen in the photographs and has survived 80+ years of humid Japanese summers.  Of all the needle tins I have seen and had the pleasure of handling, collecting and selling this is without doubt the one that gets the most comments and attention.  It would make a great addition to any collection of not only needle tins, but general Walt Disney, Art Deco, Americana or general tin collections.  

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