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A classic Japanese gramophone needle tin in excellent condition.  Add it to your collection.

PIANO Gramophone Needle Tin (Long Dress Version)

SKU: Y1112
  • PIANO brand gramophone needle tin. This triangle shaped tin is old shop stock and as such is in excellent condition. Its colors are great, all original patina and the gold back only has a few marks. The liner and needles are like new and look to me like they could still be used. Each needle is embossed with the Piano brand and has a diamond shaped tip. This is without doubt one of the best examples of this tin I have ever had the pleasure of offering for sale. There are two versions of this tin, long dress and short dress. To the best of my knowldege and research these tins were sold in lots of 10 triangle tins in one larger 2000 tin. The short dress ones were sold in 1000 tins containing just 5 tins. So the long dress versions were most likely produced in lower quantities. 

    The dimensions of this tin are: 6 cm each side and cm (d).

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