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It's launch time!

It's been a long time coming but here it is fellow tin collectors. is now live. It's been both fun and a learning curve to do all of this, from the photography, to the design and making everything work like it should. What we want to offer other tin collectors is somewhere to find, buy and see some of the best Japanese gramophone needle tins in the world. If you check out our shop you will find plenty of great tins to add to your collection. We try to bring you the very best quality tins we can that make worthy additions to you collections. As you know, tin collecting is as much about quality as it is anything else. A slight reduction in quality can mean a large reduction in value. As a collector I always try to buy the best possible tins that I can despite them usually having a premium price. A small collection of quality tins is always better than a large collection of junk.

We have also added some galleries where you can see what is in our collection. Many of the tins here are not in any of the regular reference books and have never before been seen by some of our collector customers who have huge collections that have taken years to accumulate. So please enjoy the treasures you will find there. At times, if we can find tins we can upgrade, some of these may be for sale so make sure you visit us regularly.

We will be putting out some newsletters from time to time when we get new stock in or perhaps have a sale. So please do subscribe to this. Its free and you can cancel at any time. We promise we wont bother you with junk mail and of course your details will only be used by us.

That's about it for our first post here folks, we will let you explore and enjoy our site. We look forward to bringing you more updates when we can.

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