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The dimensions of this tin are: 6 cm (w) 3 cm (h) 1 cm (d).

ZEPPELIN Series VI Gramophone Needle Tin - 1908

Productcode: Y230
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  • In the early 1900's the invention of Zeppelin airships fascinated the world. Tins of that time recorded these amazing air craft and today are some of the most sought after tins by collectors.   In 1908 a series of 8 gramophone needle tins were issued to commemorate the first 24 hour trial flight of the LZ4 Zeppelin which ended when the air ship crashed and burned on 6th August.  To collect the whole series of these tins is a dream held by many collectors around the world.  This is the 6th tin issued in the series (VI) and shows the Zeppelin in flight over Mainz, Germany.  

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